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Mozcon Day 1 Twitter Stats Infographic

Mozcon Day 1 Twitter Stats Infographic – An infographic by the team at Matt Smith

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Mozcon Day 1 Twitter Stats Infographic – Matt Smith
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Mountain Dew Should Sponsor Working Professionals

Because of my love for online marketing I am always thinking of marketing ideas I want to see. So I have decided whenever I have a social media/SEO idea for any niche or company I don’t work for I will post it here on my blog. Which brings you to my first idea; Mountain Dew you should sponsor an everyday person like me. Think about it I probably drink more Dew then any athlete currently sponsored by them.

Mountain Dew should hold a yearly contest where recent college grads and working professionals can apply to “be sponsored by Mt.Dew”. The winner of the contest would get a sweet Mt.Dew mini fridge, a year supply of Dew, and a trophy that could consume a tiny cubicle.

Contest Rules:
The contest would consist of each person posting a video about why they deserve the Mt.Dew sponsorship. You could make a fun contest/joke of the whole social media contest. Within the contest you could even go as far as having individual categories including your ability to make excellent powerpoint presentations or the excel macro king.

SEO Tie-In for Mt.Dew:
I am not sure how much Mt Dew cares about ranking in Google. However, if they did want to target a keyword for SEO this contest could easily build links. For example they could ask that anyone who enters the contest also blog about why they deserved to be sponsored. There are many other way to generate links from a contest like this but I don’t want to share them all.

The major SEO value would come in from the brand awareness and social sharing. While Mt.Dew may not care much about ranking for a bunch of keywords I bet they care about their social presence. This would allow Mt.Dew to increase their social followers and possibly come up with a viral campaign that catches on. Best of all if the campaign was a success they could run the contest every year. Worst case scenario Mt.Dew is out 365 cans of soda, a mini fridge, and a $10,000 trophy…

Anyways Mt.Dew please consider this as my entry into the greatest contest ever for people like me… You know the ones who will never compete on the Dew Tour.

My First Business

It is hard to say when I got the entrepreneur bug but my first business was started (if you could say that) when I was a sophomore in college. Back in 2003 I had high hopes of finding a way to make some extra dollars in school so I started using Ebay heavily. I discovered that I could buy manufacture defect Doc Martin shoes for a crazy low rate from a few places on Ebay. Therefore I decided it would be a great idea to buy a bunch of shoes with my credit card and try to sell them. So this idea went over terribly but reflecting back on the experience I learned a few things.

First thing I learned was supply is important (duh). So because I was buying from Ebay dealers you never knew what type of shoes you would have. Sometimes you would have size 10 shoes and sometime you would have size 14 shoes. Either way it is a stupid way to stock a store. Therefore I learned the importance of having a steady supplier before you ever launch.

The second thing I learned that actually shaped my current career choice is that marketing is vital to the success of a business. With my shoes I had an amazing product at half the price of every competitor. However, I was a terrible salesman and hadn’t learned a lot about ecommerce stores. Therefore there was no way anyone would ever even know about our business. You may have the greatest business ever but if no one knows about it, who cares?

So my first business wasn’t a success. It was actually a huge failure but it taught me how much I love being an entrepreneur. I am sure there will be a lot more failure in my future (see business my next business idea).


My name is Matt Smith and I love the topic of business. My day job is a search program manager at Dell but my nights are spent trying to start a my own business. I love my day and night jobs and this blog will be about the latter of the two. The blog will also most likely have a lot of random thoughts about a variety of topics. This blog in no ways reflects the views of my employer Dell (had to cover my legal bases with that one).

I am not really sure if anyone will actually ever read this blog. To be honest I don’t think I will ever really tell anyone about it except maybe my closest friends. The blog is meant more to be my personal thoughts on SEO and the entrepreneurial dream I try to attain. Therefore if you somehow found your way onto my blog please feel free to contribute with your comments. I am always open to feedback and love to talk about any business related topics. Also there may be several spelling errors and some sarcasm; I am apologizing now if I offend you in some way.