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How I improved my stores bounce rate 24% with a simple hack

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Recently I had been looking at the analytics of one of my dropship stores. I noticed that one of our main category pages “CTR rings” had a high bounce rate compared to my other dropship stores. This got me thinking about the overall customer experience of the site and led me a 24% decrease in bounce rate with the addition of 3 very simple graphics.

Before I made the change a user could navigate to other products through either the menu at the top or categories on the left. As seen here.

lds store banner

I thought for sure having links to other products/categories would help customer’s down the sales funnel. But a high bounce rate on one of my major product categories showed otherwise. With the goal to improve my bounce rate I began experimenting with the overall design. I tried a few different ideas but this very simple hack/images was all it took to get a 24% improvement on my page bounce rate.

Here is the change I made. All I did was add basic graphics to the top of a category level page. These graphics help point the viewer in the direction of different product categories.

lds store screenshot

Those 3 products category images is all my customer’s wanted. All in all I learned some times the most simple fix is the best.


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